The Sandboxes--Where we play, where we win

Where we play, where we win

Successful companies concentrate their resources on as many markets as they can have a strong position in. Typically this means being #1 or #2 in the market.

This is different from a typical early startup mindset of “hunt wherever we can find a customer”. While this is a great strategy to generate early traction, over time it adds more cost and edge cases than the revenues are worth.

Core, opportunistic, future expansion and out of scope

We like to think of three concentric circles when defining our sandbox:

  1. Core is the market/are the markets that we we feel are rightly ours, and where we see a path to winning altogether. Our product development tries to satisfy all core use cases from this market and our marketing/sales reaches out to all customers in this market proactively.
  2. Opportunistic are the markets that we find interesting enough but that we do not understand well enough to build specific product for yet. Marketing/sales gladly accepts inbound customers from these markets and Customer Success tries to serve them as best as they can but Product Development does not try to satisfy use cases specific to these markets yet.
  3. Future Expansion are markets that we are actively monitoring for future opportunistic entry but that we do not accept inbound interest from yet.
  4. Out of scope are markets that we cannot envision accepting orders from, let alone entering, even in a 5-10 year time frame.

Our $Company sandboxes

At $Company, we define our sandbox(es) as:

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