Directions and Priorities

The single-screen-plan for $Company

This table gives an overview of our $Company Plan-at-a-Glance.

Horizon Inspiration Projects/Programs Market Presence Success Metrics
10+y: Core Identity Purpose Values Growth levers BHAG/10y target
3-5y: Strategy 3-5y Vision Strategic Thrusts 3-5y Brand/Promise(s) 3-5y KPIs
1y: Mid-term Plan 1y Breakthrough Annual OKRs Annual Launch Roadmap 1y KPIs
1q: Short-term Plan Quarterly Theme Quarterly OKRs Quarterly Release Roadmap 1q KPIs
Every Sprint Mini-games Commits Feature(s)/Fix(es) Process Outputs
Inputs PESTLE trends Key Employee Inputs Key Customer Inputs Key Results Analysis

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