Core Success Metric

$Company Core Success Metric

One stable metric for measuring our growth and impact

A company’s core success metric is nothing fancy. It is simply the amount of product/service units that it sells to the world.

In $Company’s case, this means our core success metric is # of active user licenses.

Core Success Metric against other Success Metrics

Any company will have many other success metrics, such as:

All these success metrics have a role to play, but there is always a risk that every department starts picking their own success metric and that we become misaligned.

Or that, over time, we keep picking a different success metric so that our long-term growth in impact becomes hard to compare.

Stick with the metric the frontline people use

That is why we stay close to the actual impact metric most frontline people use: # of active user licenses.

This is the basis for setting our company-wide targets.

Impact and efficiency targets

Long-term success for $Company is assured if:

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