Annual Launch Plan

$COMPANY Annual Launch Plan for 2020

  1. Q1: TBD
  2. Q2: TBD
  3. Q3: TBD
  4. Q4: TBD

Why an Annual Launch Plan

In product-driven companies like $COMPANY, launching new features and new products is the life blood of further market traction and relevance among key customers, investors and potential employees.

As companies grow, the number of ideas for new products and features can increase exponentially. But the complexity of building and launching new software, and keeping everything stable and performant, also rises.

This is why at $COMPANY, we like to make very conscious decisions on what to spend our product and engineering efforts on.

Every year, we decide on the hard tradeoffs between all the desiers for new functionality, and the limited resources that we will always have. That results in an annual launch plan that all key departments can sign off on:

Why not call it a Roadmap?

In most companies, the product roadmap has many more features on it than can realistically be achieved. This has its uses:

But as we get closer to launch dates, the roadmap ultimately becomes disappointing. That is why we have a separate document, for internal purposes only, that lets people count on functionality more than the roadmap does.

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