Team Artifacts

Every cross-functional team needs a few artifacts (purposely created objects) to keep people on the same page, working on the same things, and communicating efficiently.

Without these artifacts, a group of people is typically not functioning as a team or not working towards an outcome together.

At $Company we recommend that newly formed teams ensure most if not all of the following are in place between the first and second meeting of the team:

Team Charter

This is a one-page document describing the “why” and “what” for the team. Think of it as the assignment from the team sponsor executive to the team leader.

At $Company, we use the Midstage Manual sample team charter template as a starting point.

It is the responsibility of the team sponsor to draw up the team charter and ensure the team leader accepts it as their remit. It is the responsibility of the team leader to have discussed and agreed with a team charter with the sponsor before organizing and starting the team.

Team charters do not have to be too elaborate (if they are, it can show a risk of a sponsor micromanaging) but they should be in place before the team starts real work.

Please note that a project charter should be short (one page) and often starts as informal requirements from the sponsor. It is acceptable and indeed common for a project owner to collate these informal requirements, as they see them, into a project charter as long as they get signoff from the sponsor (and steering committee) before committing to significant teamwork.

Team Drive

This is a shared folder or drive where the team can share documents with each other.

Please prefer to have one folder or drive that has all documents in it over documents that are shared individually with all team members.

Team Channel

The team channel is a dedicated discussion channel in Slack for the team.

The team should follow the same conventions in their channel as apply for $Company at large, e.g. having shared documents on shared drives and not only in the channel.

Team Plan

The team plan is a project plan outlining the key milestones to be achieved, tasks to be delivered and dependencies to be overcome.

A team plan can be as simple as a spreadsheet with a few line items or as elaborate as a full Gantt chart drawn up in a project management software.

Team Issue Tracker

Some teams separate out issue tracking functionality from their team plan. This works best for teams with more complex assignments or teams that are operational for longer than a quarter.

The team issue tracker often takes the shape of a specific project in Jira

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