Sample Team Charter

“This document, issued by the sponsor, formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.” (from Brown, A. S. (2005). The charter: selling your project.)

You can find more information about Team Charters on the Team Artifacts page of the Midstage Manual and on The Charter–Selling Your Project.

Key project data

Business needs

Why this project?

Project Requirements

What needs to be delivered?

Business case, including return on investment

Summary schedule

Assumptions, constraints, dependencies, and risks

Charter Checklist

Quoting this checklist from Brown (2005) to help team owners recognize when emerging charters are already being written informally or may already be in place in the mind of the sponsor:

  1. Does the sponsor know the project exists and does the sponsor agree that it should exist? (authorize existence)
  2. Does the sponsor know who the project manager is and does he or she support that person’s leadership of the project? (authorize the project manager)
  3. Has the sponsor given the project manager authority over money, people, and other organizational resources, in order to accomplish that project? (authority to apply resources)
  4. Has the sponsor ever written an e-mail, written a memo, speaking at a meeting (preferably a meeting with documented minutes) indicating, even implicitly, a “Yes” answer to the questions above?

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