Roland Siebelink

Crossbeams (Cross-functional teams)

Creating Horizontal and Diagonal Connections

People can be too focused on their own teams

At $Company, we realize that people can spend a lot of time in their own teams, and/or with people of the same level.

This can lead to a sense of alienation from other teams (silo formation) or from other levels (non-responsiveness, tone-deafness).

Working with people from different functions and levels

That is why we intentionally design “crossbeams:” ways of working that bring us in contact with people from outside our own teams and often also from a higher or lower level than we work at.

The “crossbeam” analogy comes from the standard Ikea shelf with pillars and planks. If you have ever tried to set one up, you know it collapses when you just have pillars (the functions) and planks (the levels). In addition, you need the diagonal crossbeams to keep everything in one place.

Kinds of crossbeams

At $Company we have four different kinds of crossbeams, to give many people a chance at getting to know different people throughout the organization.

  1. Cross-functional project teams
  2. Cross-functional value teams
  3. Quarterly Theme theme
  4. Ad hoc teams eg for organizing a party

What makes for a good crossbeam team

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